elilta, elilta, elilta
through the hills and valleys of time
through all the moments of life,
no matter what happens
there will always be a moment for elilta

elilta, elilta, elilta
now i know what they meant
those women that chanted elilta
I used to think it was just a chant.
another wedding song.
but it is far more than that.
I learned so last night.

elilta is a praise
a praise to the Heavens
our way to thank our God
our way to rejoice in the miracle of life
our way to overcome sorrow.
yes, elilta is how mothers have
for centuries shared and celebrated
for centuries bonded in laughter and tears….
hear the women chant, elilta
are they not beautiful.

last night was a gift
I called  and spoke to our  bride
she is just so beautiful
despite the distance
I traveled back home in spirit
and for a while sat there with my sisters
With tears running down and laughter gushing out
in gratefulness I heard my voice
chanting elilta, elilta, elilta
the spirits  too chanted, as you always had
elilta, elilta




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