because love is forever

no matter where it happens
whether sitting alone,
gazing out to an ocean of thoughts;
or in the midst of a crowd,
where the voices blend into silence;
a smile surges from what seems nowhere.
sometimes it’s more than just a smile
it can be chuckles and laughter.
or sometimes misty eyes, even tears at times,
or, just a deep breath, a shiver.

it’s in such moments
that our thoughts are not ours.
the thoughts leave the mind,
and follow the heart.
a heart gently  drawn
by a loving presence
calling from what seems afar.

it’s in such moments
where time seems to be absent
that for a fleeting moment
I remember once more
that the loving presence comes not from afar.
it’s always been within.

and then, I smile again and remember once more
that you have always been there
and as such will remain.



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