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It’s now only weeks before “Forget not the Sparrows” gets published.  It’s not only exciting but also such a moment of completion and closure for me.

On the 27th of September, it will be two years since Almazesha passed on.  I don’t know where time went, how fast it flew.  It all seems like it happened yesterday and yet it’s not !

So much has happened in these past two years.  For me, the depth and scope of change at the spiritual and soul level is immense.  The past two years have been rocky for many of us.  There’s been both joy and sorrow; and there’s been more loss and bereavement. And I realize that I now live sorrow and grief in a different way.  I have found strength to talk about it, whether it is my loss or that of someone else.  I can relate and relating allows me to be a channel for mutual healing.

The wheel of life continued to turned and as it turned, it brought me to different level of understanding.  A dimension where joy and sorrow can co-exist; a place where there is a balance in the tension between the hard and the easy. I have come to place where colors are no longer so stark and explicit, but are rather shades that run & bleed into each other.  A place where we can see how emotions also flow just like water colors without respecting the boundaries and lines we’ve set on the canvas of our lives.  It’s a good place to be. One where we can continue the stories where our loved ones left off.

In putting in a Blog on this website, my intention is to create a place where we can share stories.  Stories we have inherited from those we call elders, parents, teachers and sages of our lives. On my side, I will post some of the thoughts and stories that Almazesha used to share with me.  Thoughts and stories that arising from way back then, as they are called on by the realities going on in the present.  I hope these stories bring you as many insights as they have brought me. And I hope that this little blog grows to become a place for inspiration, insights and encouragement for all of us, as my conversations with Almazesha have always been for me.

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