keep your eyes on the horizon

As much as opportunities, pleasurable times and treasures along this journey of ours; we are also bound to encounter challenges, difficulties and times of testing.  It is all part of life and living.  It is all part of what allows us to grow our spirit.  There is however a pitfall in all this.  The pitfall is forgetting to maintain perspective.

“My child, she would say, keep you eye on the horizon and as you journey through life, always be mindful knowing that all things shall pass; knowing that nothing is good or bad per se, it all depends how we look at it.  It all depends what we make of it. It all depends on the decisions and choices we make.  It all depends on so many things.  Remain mindful of impermanence, in this way you will pace yourself in times of glory; and you will remember to also pace yourself in times of tribulations.  Pace yourself always.  Keep your eyes on the horizon and walk on knowing that you are accountable to no one but the One and Only that Created us”.

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