our heart remembers better


Sometimes the heart remembers better.
It seems the heart holds better memories than pictures.
Maybe because the heart is deep enough to hold
Not only the images of how we used to be,
But also the scents, the textures and the sounds
Of how the “us” looked like.
Because the heart can hold
the love, the laughters and the chuckles;
It can equally hold the tears and the spectrum of emotions we felt.
Yes it can….because it is Divine.

Hmm, the heart seems larger than I thought.
Deep, full of space and scope.
Able to hold  all the love we shared.
It has space for  each day we lived together
Each kiss, each embrace, each tear, each moment and each breath we sighed.
And in this heart of mine is where I find you each time,
Again and again and without fail, I find you there
and there you remain forever inside my heart

Yes, memory of the heart
wins over that of pictures.
And when because of vanishing material items,
we no longer have  proof that our love ever was;
then, I assure you my beloved
I shall dive in my heart
to find you on the same veranda
where I left you just yesterday it seems.

And we shall hold hands again.
And we shall look out again out to the horizon,
And just sit there in utter bliss,
Soaking in the morning Sun.
despite all the odds and fading proof that we ever were.

May we not be attached to material things.
That our memories may not be subject to such things.
May we not relate to  our memories in such way.
May we honor our hearts and find the sunshine tucked within
For such heart-memories are eternal and last forever.
Never to wither to the wind or rain.
Always remind us that our love remains untouched.

I smile remembering, feeling the warmth
Knowing that so I am today, as we had always been.
Honoring what we’ve been
Honoring the “us”
Passing on our stories
and with a sigh, I take a deep breath,
trusting that all is as it should be
and so it shall remain.


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