saying “yes” to the gift of NOW

From all the creations of the World, we, humans, are the rare species with the capacity to understand the concept of time. We can think of the past. We can dream of the future. We have the choice of living aware of the present time.

Yet, as much this is a very special gift, it does come with its share of complexity.

Growing up I remember Almazesha getting up each morning at about 4AM to spend time in Prayer. She did this all her life.

Until very recently, I just could not imagine how she could wake up so early each day and I understood even less the consistency in which she lived out her spiritual life.

Well, although I don’t wake up at 4AM yet, but I am happy about having managed to start my day with time for silence, prayer and meditation. This morning, I read a passage in my book of Prayers. Often when after praying, I pick a passage randomly from the books of Prayers I have; and as I read, I do so trusting that the passage I picked will carry a message important for me to hear. This morning the passage spoke of how much most of our stress and anxiety comes from being stuck in the past or from trying to see what is in the future. At times our stress comes even from the fear of what we imagine we will see or not see in the future, or of what will happen or not happen.

They say it is so much easier to accept the gift of the choice we have in living “now”. It is so much easier to say yes to the present moment. Of course, this is not how our minds have been used to thinking or working – but, it is certainly something worth learning to do.

The past weeks have been quite stressful for me. The presence of stress has subsequently caused many undesired results (too long to list here). Reading this passage this morning was like a quick reminder to me. If there is nothing I can do about the past or about the future, why should I give thoughts about the past, the future and even about today the power to clutter my mind. How much more peace would I possibly have, if I manage to let that go?

Rationally, I completely understand why I should say “yes” to the gift of NOW. The challenge will be in living that very way.

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