Stillness is a gift we can offer ourselves to find peace, to find clarity, to find direction. Many of the Holy books speak of stillness in order to find the voice of Spirit. No matter what the religion, all teachings tell a common message.  In stillness we find the way to eternity.  We can hear the voice within.  The voice of Spirit, the one that is eternal.  It gives us strength in times of challenge. It gives us direction in times of confusion. It gives us guidance in times of decision and most of all it gives us comfort and love at all times.

The most wonderful thing is that stillness is possible , anywhere and anytime.  Whatever the chatter around us, all it takes is our willingness to quiet our minds and steady the flow of our thoughts to slowly enter a state of contemplation.  Whether we reach this state for a minute or an hour or more, the gift is one that fills us with energy, reassurance and hope.  It’s a state where we realize how the eternal is powerful and beautiful; compassionate and loving and that no matter what we are going through we are not alone and never will be.  And then we learn to know and be aware of that even if our bear eyes cannot see, our heart knows that we are at all times escorted by a legions of angel. We learn to know that there is one-ness. We learn to know that the suffering of another is our own and that the joy of another is ours as well.   Somehow, I find comfort in this.

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