what color is your lens?

What color is your lens? How do you see reality?  Do you see shades of joy and happiness or is it mostly gloom? Have you noticed that reality is nothing static and that it is often (if not always) a reflection of our own lens?

How we choose to see the World is what the World will be to us. This is not to say that if we always look through a “happy” lens that the World will always be joyful.  It’s not that simple.  It’s more to say that if we choose to keep our thoughts and our lens focused on that which is good, that which is positive, that which we can be grateful for; then, yes, our journey in life will reflect that same goodness back to us.

On days where my heart feels heavy, for whatever reason it may be, the sunshine always comes back when I become consciously grateful for the next breath I have.  The sunshine always comes back when I realize that my responsibility is just to live and enjoy the present moment and not worry about what comes next or what was before.

May our lens for life always keep us mindful that our next breath is not granted and that each moment of our lives is not only precious but a sacred gift.


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