About The Author

Much of Yene’s career and interest has been economic development and social welfare, particularly in Africa, among most materially underprivileged communities.  She spent much of her time working for development programs within International Bilateral and Multilateral Institutions as well as within civil society organizations. From the early nineties  on, she spent many years working to support women and children affected by HIV. It is the hard reality she witnessed through her work at the grassroots level that led her to change gear from working on issues such as poverty and epidemics to trying to address what she believe to be the core causes of these very issues: mindsets and leadership competence at all levels.

Yene is the founder of everyONE, a humanitarian non-for-profit organization based in Ethiopia  The greater mission of the organization is to support communities affected by HIV through various self development and empowerment initiatives. everyONE is one of the first organizations to work hand in hand with grassroots communities and it’s members through a systemic and integral approach.

Her last book  “Butterflies over Africa” has been applauded and recognized at the highest level among African leaders and policy makers. Yene holds an MBA in Finance and a Doctorate in Humanities with a focus on Transformation and Change in Human Systems.  She currently lives in Beijing, China with her family working on Transformative Coaching and  Leadership Development ,  Writing and Painting.   She leads meditations groups and teaches Children Yoga as part of her integral life practice.