It would be so easy to say, I thank everyone that has helped me bring this story out.  But things are not so simple.  As much as I acknowledge the help and support of my entire family (husband, daughters, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, relatives, friends and all)…I have to confess that the tough job on this book was subject to the help 3 main partners:

I had from Anna M. Fitzpatrick my Editor.  If it weren’t for Anna, I would not even have the courage to look at my screen and keyboard in an attempt of telling this story.  Anna, my dear sister, thank you is too simple to say but I have no other words that can convey how deeply I appreciate your support and what a difference your support has made in my ability to tell my Grandmother’s story.  I have to also acknowledge the support, encouragement, patience and help of Terry Ann Hayes (, my Graphic Designer who made this beautiful design. What more can I say to you Terry Ann, other, may the Almighty return your good deeds a thousand folds back to you and your loved once.  And then there is Will Moyer (  Will has been more than patient with me and my IT challenged-ness.  My dear Will, for all the hours you spent with me at Starbucks in Beijing 🙂  I promise I will make it up to you one day and return the favor of your patience.

My daughters Rosi and Leoni have been two angels that kept me inspired and working.  They always gave me the time to write and whatever I read to them or asked them to read, they always gave me the kindest feedback.  The same goes to Matthias, my husband and friend, who despite all the ups and downs of life (including of writing) has stuck by my side.  Thank you my love, I can only say that I am forever indebted.

My parents and my sisters and brother have been just wonderful in reading, in providing support and in giving me feedback as well as info on details I might have forgotten.

I also want to thank all of my good friends, Rahel Samara, Akwasi Aidoo, Firoze Manji, Jessica Horn, Rita Mazzocchi, Bram van Leeuwen for reading the manuscript. For giving me their thoughts and feedback.  Thank you –

Last and certainly not least, my heart and spirit, my all bows to Emaye. My Almazesha, our Mother.  Emaye, to you and all that your represent ! I love you. I applaud you! I celebrate you! and know that each day, although I miss you, I try my best to draw strength from the times we used to be together and from knowing that despite all, in Spirit, together we still remain.