my intentions for this blog

Now that “Forget not the Sparrows” is only a few weeks away from being  published, I have been wondering about the angle this blog should have.  For me, what resonates to blog about some of the stories or thoughts Almazesha use to share with us.  These would be thoughts on Faith, thoughts about life, thoughts about happiness and others of challenges. It would be some of the stories she shared that offer insight.

In terms of frequency for the posts, I would have like to make a commitment for daily posts, but I am not sure how that would fit with the rest of my life.  So, best I say that I make a commitment to post weekly for sure.  I will put up the new posts on Sundays.  Should it happen that more thoughts come along before the schedule weekly post, then I will just post that as well.

And on your end, should you have a comment or a story to share with all of us reading this blog, by all means, please share, especially if you feel like sharing thoughts about your Grandmother or anyone who played such a role in your life.  If on the other hand, you would like to have a conversation with me about something you read in the book or on this blog, please send me an email (use the contact form for that).